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We are all our own devil, and we make this world our hell

Porcelain teacups decorate tables and the conversation, live like it’s the style

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Birthdate:Dec 16
Location:United States of America
The name's Heather. I was born on a Saturday at 8:01 P.M. just a few months after hurricane Hugo made landfall where I was slowly incubating. I'm a pasty little Irish redhead who's lived on the coast of South Carolina for most of her life. Recently I've declared war on the south and fled to Ohio, because it is apparently the land of dreams and awesome best friends.

In addition to weird stuff like being allergic to tap water I can also lick my elbow. I found this out on accident when I was twelve and was (briefly) the coolest person in my class. I have a deep and profound love of music, owning songs and albums that range from Gregorian chant to French hip-hop and then back to weird Japanese musicals. I like dramatic instrumentals for when I'm writing. At last count, I have music in at least 15 different languages, from six different continents. I prefer the Aladdin soundtrack in French.

I have a glorious little cat named Mal, who technically has about four different names, ranging from Maleficent to Mallorie to Duckie. She is named after three different fictional characters, one of which I've mentioned.

I'm eccentric and a little bit boring at the same time, quiet unless you know me. And if you do know me, I have this awful tendency to get REALLY LOUD when it comes to talking about things that I am passionate about. I have a crippling love of zombies and all zombie related materials and I absolutely love, love, love seeing how many crossovers and AUs I can cram into my writing. I like video games, but hate finishing them and one of my biggest pleasures in life is reading and writing. I talk a lot, and post memes even more frequently, so please. Enter at your own risk.
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